by Ancst

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"After "Moloch", their first album hit the scene last year, ANCST has toured relentlessly. Besides putting out a few more of their dark ambient releases, the Berlin based blackened crust collective has gone quieter at the end of 2016 to write new material for a row of releases to be put out in 2017. the first in line will be this EP entitled "Furnace" which see's the band heading out into much more melodic territories while still featuring the aggression of former releases. "Furnace" delivers 5 new songs of bastard sound black metal / hardcore crossover that takes no prisoners."

"Furnace" was released on CD by Vendetta Records and Yehonala Tapes.

VINYL will follow in may/june through Vendetta Records.

ANCST will be touring in support of this release through Germany in February / March:

24.02.2017 D-Berlin, Kastanienkeller
25.02.2017 D-Leipzig, Atari
26.02.2017 D-Weimar, Gerber
27.02.2017 CZ-Plzeň, Divadlo pod Lampou
28.02.2017 D-München, Kafe Kult
01.03.2017 D-Freiburg, KTS
02.03.2017 D-Frankfurt am Main, K********d
03.03.2017 D-Köln, AZ
04.03.2017 D-Göttingen, JUZ
05.03.2017 D-Braunschweig, Klaue


released February 25, 2017



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yehonala tapes Berlin, Germany

small bedroom tape label from berlin, germany.
since 2006.

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Track Name: urban tomb
left alone, the disciples of concrete still keep those flames alive. On their knees they shiver and they taunt, caught in their cold embrace. I know of all the hatred and misery. I know selfdestruction, the shards that remain. I know ... city lights above me, the warmth of a dying sun. No selflove left to end me, cant decipher the thoughts that shackle me. I buried in this urban tomb, a purgatory thats motionless. I drink from the essence of squalor, all thats left is bitterness. And I remain an empty vessel till you fill me up with shards of life and then this kinetic existence might feel like its worth to bear but the curse of this hive remains. I know of the hatred and misery. I know, I know you father, the keeper of this blackened crown. I know you ...
Track Name: chronicles of emptiness
washed away, lifeless, faded into black. Nothing left to prove as all has gone to waste. No silence in my mind, enslaved for aeons. Abscence of life, crawling through reality. Heritage of broken bones, origin of failure, feed me the ashes of your world, the stench of rot (the stench of rot). I can feel the weight of dependence resting on my shoulders. Praise the abyss, praise the days of your defeat, all love forsaken. No words words, no more attempts to ease your grip, wreckage of salvation. Rage is all I know, born and bred to be ostracized. No matter where I go, yesterdays ghosts will haunt me. Fallen down and condemned to serve to this shadowworld. Coalesced with the structures around me, I would be better off dead. Tonight I will worship the downfall, surrender to wrath. Bound to this vessel of mine, I will praise its demise and end. Rage is all I know, born and bred to be ostracized. No matter where I go, yesterdays ghosts will haunt me. Chronicles of emptiness, a deathwish that lasted for 15 years. Feel to go to experience the abscence of this misery. The silence in my mind, finally the gears have stopped. Glad to be alive, unshackled from your weakening grip.
Track Name: broken oath
Squeezed into your uniform, a worthless identity. Obey the rules imposed upon you, you're so responsible. Bound to the promise of wealth, that broken oath. Bred to follow, the empty phrases that dictate your life. This construct of obedience, a meritocrazy. Isolated and forced to this dog-eat-dog-mentality. There is no way to break these chains, no alternate paths to walk. The pillars of greed, like choking hands around our necks. And I refuse to be abused by those in fucking power. I dont wanna be a number to your statistic table. Dont expect me to walk in line, you are no authority. I will not beg for a pair of chains that will hold me down. Its no privilege to kneel before your exploitation. All your life you worked so hard for nothing. All this time you sweated and you bled. All your life you obeyed and you followed a set of rules forced upon you by vultures. All your life wasted for security and in the end nothing will remain of you. A world in turmoil, your offspring will destroy you. Marked for death, the puppeteers of a dying world, forced into coma, so we can unshackle us and take back the freedom that belongs to us.
Track Name: in stone
I dwell within this stone, the destination of a self-righteous cowards home. I pity all you fools, have left you for no good. Take a glimpse through these eyes, perspectives drenched with million of lies.everyday is another nail in this rotten coffin.yet I stand to take your pain like initials carved inside my veins. We all just try to survive. Always striving for imperfection, nourish the demon of rejection. The resignation fo a cowards life, I pity all the weak and left you for no good. My last resort in this times of madness, just to dwell within this stone. Escaping all those restless nights and the spreading of the diseased.
Track Name: cadence
defying structure and floating with the tempest, repentance replaces remembrance. i'll bury this fucking place under your liturgy and adore my old wounds. a grim heart yields to no one. switches off, empathy instead to breathe in this freedom that never existed. i seek for the loneliest places inside my head and remain as the only worst enemy i ever had. my idle hands carry this wrath as an antidote and while i'm consumed by those sold illusions i've vouched for this beggars salvation. this hard rains gonna fall. i've shed enough tears to soak all our callous hearts. weathering your utter chaos I float within this stream of my purest wrath, craving for salvation. death is the road to awe and the beast goes on...eternally